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Frequently Asked Questions

We sat down with our service experts and picked their brains.  Here’s a list of the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

My keypad (the pad with the code to let you into your garage) is not working.2019-04-17T20:34:38-04:00

Typically, there are two main reasons.

  • If the keypad is not lit up when you hit the keys, chances are the battery is dead. We
    recommend that you change them every year.
  • If it is lit up, and still not working, there is a chance that it needs to be reprogrammed.
    Simply give us a call and we can walk you through that process.
My remote (car opener) is not working.2019-04-17T20:42:53-04:00

There are usually two main reasons.

  • You may need to change the battery.
  • If the light on the remote is working, it may need to be reprogrammed. We would be
    happy to assist you if you give us a call.
My garage door doesn’t raise / open.2019-04-17T20:46:05-04:00
  • Many times, that can be because of a broken spring. Take a look at the bar across the
    top of your garage door. The spring / springs will be separated our unwound if it is
  • It could be that the wall station (pad with the button you press to open the garage from
    the inside) is defective or the wire has come away from the pad. Or, someone might
    have pulled the emergency release (the red handle on the operator track).
My garage door won’t close when I press the button on the wall station from the inside of the door.2019-04-17T20:47:02-04:00
  • Check to see if the red light on the safety sensor at the bottom of your garage door track
    is blinking. If it is blinking, it is either out of alignment or there is an obstruction.
  • Often times, a cob web is blocking the sensor or someone has bumped into it and
    knocked it offline.
For some reason, my door won’t close when the sun is shining through the side door garage window.2019-04-17T20:48:57-04:00
  • We’ll need to come out and flip your sensors to the opposite sides of the garage door.
  • The newer sensors are equipped to work even with direct sunlight.
I have a broken spring but the other one is working just fine. Should I replace both?2019-04-17T20:51:23-04:00
  • You should change them both. Both springs are the same age and have been exposed to
    the elements. There is a good chance it will break as well.
  • Safety is a concern here. A spring breaking can be very dangerous when it happens.
My operator (the motor / unit which lifts and closes the door) has no power.2019-04-17T20:52:12-04:00
  • Have you checked the circuit breaker?
  • Have you checked the outlet to make sure it working?
The seal at the bottom of my door is damaged / falling off.2019-04-17T20:53:14-04:00
  • If you are feeling handy, you can come in and buy it from us.
  • If you are doing it yourself, we simply need to know the make / model of the door you
    have so that we can prepare the correct seal for you.
  • For a small price, we can come out and replace your seal and give the rest of the door
    some preventative maintenance.
I need a new remote for my door. How do I program it?2019-04-17T20:54:05-04:00
  • You can come and visit us at the shop and purchase a new one. We can walk you
    through the programing process while you are here.
  • You can also have us come out and walk you through how to program it and we can do a
    maintenance check up on your door.
How can I pay my bill?2019-04-17T20:56:40-04:00
  • Over the phone with a credit card.  Just call us at (800) 264-0358.
  • In the office with credit, cash or check.  Stop by during normal business hours:
    1685 N. Indianapolis Rd.
    Columbus, IN 47201
  • Mail a check with the invoice to:
    Overhead Door Company of South Central Indiana
    PO Box 224
    Columbus IN 47202
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